Nursing Home Abuse: Why You Should Not Put Your Parents in a Nursing Home
Nursing home abuse and neglect has risen to unacceptable levels. Helpless elderly patients, ending up in abusive nursing homes, suffer daily at the hands of over worked, underpaid staff.Are your parents suffering the abuse of an understaffed nursing home? Do they appear to be clean, groomed, alert? Is the staff sympathetic, friendly?

Currently, there are approximately 17,000 nursing homes caring for 1.6 million patients in the United States and according to latest research, most of them are understaffed. If it is at all possible, you should keep your parents out of nursing homes.

The ones suffering the most abuse and neglect in abusive and negligent nursing homes are those receiving little or no visitors. Being helpless with no one to defend them, they are at the mercy of the staff.

The most common abuse suffered by nursing home residents who receive little or no visitors, is neglect. The patient needs to be changed. The aide can see it, but knowing it will go unobserved, it is neglected. The helpless patient has to wait until someone gets around to cleaning them while the acid eats away at their skin.

Verbal abuse is another common problem found in abusive and negligent nursing homes. They become targets for disgruntled staff members to vent their frustrations. The patient is helpless when a staff member yanks them forward to change their bed, cursing them for soiling the sheets, adding more work to their already full workload.

Talking down to the elderly in nursing homes is another form of abuse. Treating them as if they were children. Demeaning them with baby talk. Threatening them with childlike punishments like making them sit in the corner, facing the wall.

But in some cases, when the patient requires medical attention you cannot give them, a nursing home may be your only option. Make a thorough background check on the nursing home. Visit often. Look for signs of abuse and neglect.  See more info of coursework online service in  jitterymonks visit this website.

Old age is something we all have to face sooner or later. Do, for your elderly parents, what you would have your children do for you.

If you believe that you or anyone is being abused in a nursing home, you should report it to the nursing home administrator, the office of long term care services, and adult protective services.